Passion for Real Estate

Our strategy: We construct buildings for people. We want our buildings to be pleasant. We want our buildings to serve the people. We don’t want to use ecology only as a phrase but we stand by that. Ecology is meaningful; it is an ethical obligation to lead the world to a better life quality by the help of serving, attractive and objectively pleasant impressions and maybe to even create more happiness.


Saller Group achieves market leadership in Czech Republic

As seen on the CIJ Journal Czech Republic, the Saller group is now on top of Czech Republic´s retail park operators with a market share of 15 percent.

30. March 2017


Annual Company Bowling

This week we again held our annual company Bowling at the Weimar Atrium.

23. January 2015


Saller welcomes new employees from home and abroad

All employees who are not from the region or are from abroad, meet once a month to the company seminar under the direction of Mr. Günter Dimmig.

24. November 2014


Our new office building takes shape

The work on the facade are in the final stages...

30. October 2014


Laying the foundation stone for the Galeria Glogovia

On 15 October, the foundation stone for the Galeria Glogovia was laid in a ceremony in Poland. The shopping center with a cinema and a gym, and an area of ​​almost 27.000m² is expected to be completed in 2016.

29. October 2014